We are a small but potent team of creative professionals

About Monolith Interactive

Monolith Interactive is a Waterloo, Canada based company specializing in high-end iOS development. We deliver end-to-end solutions including strategic analysis, user interviews, UX design, development and deployment. Our founder is an expert in mobile development, having created his first downloadable mobile app in 2003. Monolith was created in 2010 to show what excellent app design can achieve.

We’re a small but potent team consisting of some of the brightest minds, and we’re very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time since formation. Contact us to talk about how we can help you.


… a go-to company for those challenging projects for which you need to bring in the crack commando team.”—Tom Auger, Senior Partner, Zeitguys, Inc.

“Thoroughness… dedication… I would welcome a chance to work with Simon again.”
—Ernie Prabhakar, Product Manager, Apple

“Helped us to deliver a very impactful demo. Would recommend their services to anyone.”
—Gregory Lowe, Project Manager, PV Labs

“Engineering depth, creative genius and agility… solidly delivers on technically challenging projects. They exceeded my expectations, meeting significant challenges and delivering a stunning end product.”—Dan Murray for UHC project

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Our Team

Simon Woodside

Owner / CEO

An entrepreneur with experience at Apple and a degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Simon is the owner of Monolith Interactive. He collaborates with clients and his employees to create outstanding software in areas such as long-term care, brain injuries and hearing. Simon’s first developed mobile apps on Symbian in 2004, followed by J2ME and iPhone. His work at a previous startup earned him awards including the silver Clio, and he works with Engineers Without Borders to solve the root causes of poverty. Simon plays timpani in a local orchestra, which helps him remain creative.

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Michael Sgambelluri

Lead Developer / CTO

Michael is our lead software developer and project manager. He has more than five years of iOS development experience, and dabbles in Haskell from time to time. His main focus is to make applications very polished, and to provide a great user experience in everything he does. As a Pure Mathematician, he enjoys solving all kinds of puzzles, and is an avid gamer.

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Daniel MacKenzie

Back-end Developer

Daniel is our back-end developer. He is currently completing his fourth year in the Honours Computer Science program at the University of Waterloo. Daniel has developed skills in both iOS development and Rails server programming during his stay at Monolith. He is the VP and co-founder of the Waterloo Warlords Paintball Club and enjoys playing lots of paintball, partially inspired by many first person action video games.

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Anton Baglaenko

Head of R&D

Anton is a PhD candidate in applied mathematics focussing on small-scale fluid flows and internal wave generation. He has experience in iOS, Sencha, and Ruby on Rails which contribute to his focus on optimized architecture and design. He loves the freedom and flexibility of a blank slate, seeing his creations grow to fulfil their intended purpose. He is a voracious reader of sci-fi and a gamer when he can find the time.

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Ernst Rullmann


Ernst is one of our returning co-op students and is in his third year of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. Ernst enjoys long forays into the depths of Wikipedia as well as even longer walks on the beach of his hometown, Vancouver. As a developer Ernst is an avid fan of Ruby on Rails, C/C++, JavaScript, and AngularJS. At Monolith, Ernst hopes to gain the knowledge he needs to create the computer game he’s always dreamed of making (Starcraft meets Simcity… in space).

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@erullmann github

Cameron Ramsay

Junior Developer

Cameron is one of the new additions to Monolith and is currently in his second year of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. Before Monolith, Cameron developed fractal image generation packages for Maple. As an aspiring mathematician, Cameron enjoys solving challenging problems with C/C++, Maple, Racket, or whatever language it takes. From time to time, Cameron even enjoys dabbling in the wonderful world of physics. At Monolith, Cameron hopes to become an iOS programmer extraordinaire. In his downtime, Cameron likes to listen to music and play his piano.

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@CamTheRamsay github

Sen Yang

Junior Developer

Sen is one of the new junior developers at Monolith. Currently just starting his second year at the University of Waterloo for Computer Science, on his first co-op term. He has worked with C/C++ and Java at school, and hopes to learn a great deal of Objective C and Ruby on Rails development here at Monolith. Currently fiddling with AngularJS, NodeJS, and MongoDB. He enjoys playing music and learning to play a variety of different instruments. He typically spends the rest of his free time playing computer games.

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Matthew Johnson

Junior Developer

Matthew is our newest addition to the roster here at Monolith. Currently in his second year in the Mechatronics Engineering program at the University of Waterloo, Matthew has worked with Java and C/C++ in school, and hopes to learn much more while here. One of our more athletic employees, Matthew is a world class baton twirler that has been competing for Canada for over 7 years. When not training for his next competition he can be found listening to music or napping in almost any location.

Matt Park

Marketing Consultant

Old enough to remember life before the internet - but smart enough to know a good thing when he sees it - Matt has been part of the digital revolution for the past 20 years. Matt began his career in the mobile world at Blackberry and has held several positions in the digital industry, including Affiliate Manager and User Experience Strategist at Tsavo Media, and Business Development Manager at Chinesepod. Now that his prior training is complete, Matt is helping craft and share the Monolith story - bringing the good word to those who need it.

Juncheng Jia


Juncheng, or “JC” for short, has more than three years experience with iOS development, and also works with .Net, Flash, and Ruby on Rails. JC specializes in complex algorithms and enjoys making precision-oriented experiences. He plays computer games and ping-pong in his spare time.

Ashley Nadon

Office Administrator / Bookkeeper

Ashley is our bookkeeper/accountant and takes care of all the financial related matters. She has an MBA in Accounting from McMaster University and is working towards her CPA designation. In her spare time Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, enjoys a variety of sports and is an avid runner training for and completing half-marathons.



Jürgen is our electro-mechanical barista, and he’s very good at making espressos and lattes. He was made in Switzerland but now calls Canada his home. We love coffee at Monolith, so needless to say, Jurgen is a very important member of our team. When Jurgen isn’t grinding, tamping and pulling shots of delicious espresso, he enjoys sleeping, and probably dreaming about exotic loose-leaf teas.


Fishy The Tank

Head of HR Department

Fishy is our fish tank. He aspires to be an ocean one day, and his soothing water flow helps calm the developers in the office. He loves everyone who gazes upon his glory, but has a special bond with Jurgen, as they share a mechanical nature. He hopes to one day learn how to clean himself, just like Jurgen can, because Tanky keeps making him dirty…


Tanky The Fish

Head of Interior Design

Tanky The Fish is our head interior designer. He loves to spice up the office with his spontaneity. He often darts from place to place seemingly at random. However, despite all his mindless darting, he’s actually very deep and often will provide philosophical commentary at an inaudible pitch. Unfortunately, he is handicapped by his lack of hands, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He can clearly communicate his designs at the same inaudible pitch as his philosophical commentary.



Software Developer

Our iOS development is expanding and we need more developers! We have almost 5 years experience developing on iOS, and a full decade with mobile apps—native, not web. We've created multiple apps for mobile health for companies like Unitron and UHC, real-time chat apps for Kik and Jingu, interfacing with automotive data buses for realtime dashboard displays for GM, music apps, audio apps, geolocation apps, visualization apps, pretty much anything you can imagine.

• Bootstrapped — we don't take money from VCs so we're not beholden to outside interests. We chart our own path.
• Real — we don't have a bouncy castle in our office, but we have a nice office, nice people and treat ourselves well.
• Artisans — source code quality matters. Interfaces must be simple and beautiful. No compromises.

Go to our home page to view our 90 second app demo reel.

• Know C or C++, pointers, object and object-relational patterns already
• Know how to ship code that works well
• Be ready to learn the iOS SDK fast

We don't rely on marks and résumés alone, you'll need to prove you can code in the interview and in fact, we're looking for some code along with your application.

Demonstrate your qualifications by answering 2 out of these 3 potentially tricky questions: 

[Question 1] (C Pointers) Here is some slightly odd C code, but it will produce an (int) result, provided that you make some small changes in order to make it compile. What is the result going to be, and why? 

int * a = 1990; 
int result = &5[a]; 

[Question 2] (Graphics) Give us pseudocode to animate a 3D image carousel into a 2D graphics view/layer. We're looking mainly for the math and how you handle animation here. Don't worry about the details of blitting an image to the screen. To get an idea of how it should look, see the image here: https://drupal.org/project/viewscarousel3d

You have the following variables provided to you:
• Image[] images // there will be 3 images, and they will all be square
• view // structure with view.width and view.height of the view you're drawing into
// top left is (0,0)

Implement a draw() method (in pseudocode) that will be called 30 times a second. You are required to draw a rotating carousel so that the images will complete a full rotation in 10 seconds.

[Question 3] (C++ Objects) The C++ program below has just 2 compile time errors, 1 runtime error, and there is 1 single line missing. Send us a fixed version that compiles and runs correctly. The errors will test your knowledge of object use and management in C++, and the missing line will test you on abstract/virtual inheritance. 

That's it.
• Include your answers with your job application and/or send them to info@monolithinteractive.com
• Also include some source code that you have written, whether it's open source, for assignments, for fun, or whatever.


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Opinionated App Makers/Startup Seeks Growth Hustler/Hacker

At Monolith we make amazing mobile products, including a totally awesome app for home buyers. We know exactly how to create kick-ass apps, having done it for GM, Top Hat, TribeHR, and kik.

You are going to energize our business development and marketing activities. You're hungry, product-obsessed, at home finding out what our customers are desperate for, checking out the competition, and networking over drinks. You know how to pull in the resources we need to get the right kind of PR, invitations to the right events, refine the pitch, find out where the buyers live, and generally make us be business-awesome.

We are product obsessed. There is nothing that we will not do, build, hack, design, if it will make the product better. We strive to use the right combination of process and chaos. We continuously improve ourselves. We have a custom app development business which funds our products. We have now triangulated an awesome opportunity in real-estate to make life better for buyers, sellers, and agents. The business opportunity is huge. We're building the MVP as we speak.

You will:

  • Get inside the market and help us understand it
  • Build new customer relationships and improve the existing ones
  • Design and run a content marketing, social, PR and event campaign to create thought leadership and leads in specific audiences
  • Capture key metrics for campaigns, make sense of trends, and improve performance
  • Help us design our products and solutions

You are a:

    Driven entrepreneur with a sense of urgency, focus and discipline
  • Excellent communicator and presenter
  • Fast learner, able to catch up on our way of working and bring in new ideas
  • Familiar with a fast-paced tech startup environment

Want to work at a startup with something to prove? Ready to up your game? Ready to up our game?

Then email us: beawesome@monolithapps.com

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We are a small but potent team of creative professionals

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