Another One Bites The...

Posted on December 22nd, 2014.

Sing baby, sing!

Has it really been four months already? My first term at Monolith is over, but when I consider the things I’ve done, it’s surprising that it was all only in one term. During my time here, I’ve eaten more pizzas and dabbled in more languages than I could have imagined possible. Starting with Objective C, I’ve worked with Ruby on Rails, various JavaScript libraries, stats programming with R (Shiny pls), and recently went back to Java for Android development. I learned fundamental concepts of programming like the MVC (model view controller) programming structure. When MVC was first introduced to Cam and I, it was with an iOS app, but seeing its benefits of modularity, we tried to apply it to all the projects that we worked on. MVC is like a burger, with the model and view like buns, and the controller being the meat in the middle that interacts with the two. Or perhaps instead of the meat, the controller is actually the burger, with the model and view each being a pizza instead of buns. Yes, like the pizza burger.

And on that note, I would like to get to my actual topic of this blog, the pizza burger. On our second last day at Monolith, Mike brought in two pizza burgers for dinner. Each consisting of two extra large pizzas, and 10 McDoubles sandwiched in between. It stood a colossus amongst us mere mortals, and had Anton cowering in fear and disgust after his first slice. I however, was prepared for it, living the university student life, living off of granola bars, and take any food handed to me. But alas, Cam and I both fell victim to our third slice. For me, it wasn’t the amount of food I had ate, it was the quantity of salt that was in it that had done me in. Both ingredients of the pizza burger (namely pizza and burger) are made with mountains of salt that could bury a man. I’m certain that I drank water equivalent in volume to the pizza burger I had, and that still couldn’t quench my thirst.

All in all, the pizza burger was pretty extraordinary (only could have been topped by perhaps a low salt variant), as I am a firm believer of quantity over quality when it comes to food, and oh boy was there quantity. It was a fun and crazy way to end the term, not unlike the pizza burger, and fun and crazy is what my first term at Monolith was all about.

Sen Yang, Junior Developer