Posted on February 4th, 2015.

Let the Games Begin!

On a wintery night, at the UW School of Pharmacy, in a lounge high up on the 7th floor overlooking the Tannery, gathered over 30 eager (but unsuspecting) mobile health developers. So what happens when you get 30+ mobile health developers into a room for show and tell? Community building, that’s what!

It was a great venue for conversations. Simon Woodside did a quick intro to DemoCamp rules (basically, you get 5 minutes to present and give a live demo, and 5 minutes of audience interaction), and then we dove right into the first demo.

The demos were great (and I’ll tell you about them in a moment). But even better was the interaction. There’s nothing quite like the sense of shared purpose and community when people who are passionate about a subject come together. Mobile health is a field that ripe with possibility to change the way that medicine works, and a perfect combination of circumstances makes this region a fantastic place to do it. Side by side we have world-class medical researchers and practitioners, and world-class technologists. What we need is opportunities to bring them together. Right now, we are spread out and it’s hard for us to meet. But with this event, we saw relationships being born, and opportunities being created. I felt privileged to be there.

Now, to the demos. Which were awesome.

First, Dan Finnigan showed off Simply Obstetrics, a a point-of-care reference App for managing pregnant patients in primary care. Dan is looking for developers.

Next Leo Godreault gave us a tour of SmartMED, a medication reminder application that lets you easily know when your next medication is due, when your prescription is finished or needs to be refilled.

Third up, Paolo Di Donato had his 3D printed blood glucose meter. Paolo’s is unique in that all the bits - test strips, lance, bluetooth connection, are all contained into a simple unit, and what’s more that unit is a case for your phone. His product responds to a basic need among diabetics to simplify their life and not worry about carrying around a pouch of equipment to do their regular self-tests.

Now we come to our heroic keynote speaker, Adam Cole, who fought his way through 4 hours of traffic from Toronto to be with us. Adam is a veteran of building practical electronic health solutions, an entrepreneurs, has worked for all kinds of eHealth companies, and is now CTO of Newtopia which recently raised $5M to do behavioural health. He inspired us to push harder to find viable business strategies so that our products can reach more people.

We took a short networking break and enjoyed some fine healthy snacks, then we got back into the demos.

Ruslan Dorfman is the founder of GeneYouIn, and showed us PillCheck, personalized drug reference tool that can help you to optimize treatment for multiple medications, based on a DNA screening.

Bruce Baskerville presented his app Crush the Crave, an evidence-based tool for quitting smoking.

And last, but by no means least, Rachel Friesen showed us EyeCheck, a system to bring better eye health to rural and developing regions, in particular India.

And, of course, there were drinks at the Firkin!

mHealthDemoCamp will be back!

mHealthDemoCamp3 will be at the AppsForHealth conference in Hamilton on Thursday April 30th.

Join our meetup group to find out more.

Simon Woodside, CEO