To new beginnings

Posted on May 1st, 2016.

Simon Woodside founded Monolith in 2009, when men were real men, women were real women, and the iPhone didn’t have copy-and-paste. There was a huge demand for mobile development services, and Simon got a call from Cam Hay, CEO of Unitron, a hearing aid company in Kitchener. Simon created a hearing test application for them, and with that first step, Monolith was born. The hearing app hit a million downloads within the first year, instant validation that quality code and commitment to user experience would be rewarded in this brave new world.

The story continues with Monolith staffing up as Michael Sgambelluri joined the team in 2010 to help build Kik’s first chat app MVP on iPhone, an early part of their story which has them now a genuine Canadian unicorn with > $1B valuation and > 250 million users. Simon, Michael, and the rest of the Monolith team continued on to even more successful engagements, including a connected car app with GM R&D.

Through the years, Monolith has grown and achieved much in the world of mobile development. We were pulled further into health apps to create an electronic health records front end on iPad and a complete cross-platform hearing testing and programming system for UnitedHealthCare in the US. Following more successful engagements, Simon recognized Mike’s contributions to the company and the two became full partners in the business.

Over the years working with many clients in the health space, Monolith discovered that the current process for HIPAA (and PHIPA) compliance is a difficult and involved road. Working in Health (and specifically the Digital Health space) we developed an impressive library of over a dozen health-related applications. Throughout this work we discovered again and again that many health apps require the same capabilities: the storage of health data, secure communication between patients and health practitioners, and the collection and aggregation of anonymized data. This clear market need combined with a life-long desire to bring people together and create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, prompted Simon to create a new company: MedStack. MedStack is a service which provides medical grade cloud infrastructure for quick and easily development and deployment of health apps.

Those of us who are addicted to the rush of rapid prototyping and the joy of seeing the things we build being used every day are continuing to push the boundaries of custom app development. Mike took those lessons to heart in his newly created company Tuq, a doubling down on his core beliefs: quality apps with high production values. Whether it’s a chat app, a race-day assistant, or a healthcare provider’s toolkit, we have a proud history of work that we’re proud to call our own. Tuq’s passion is in creating deep, technically challenging, beautifully designed applications that require an expertise like no other. The name is an affirmation of our belief in Trustworthy Uncompromising Quality.

Mike and Simon remain committed to each other’s businesses — Mike has taken the role of interim CTO at MedStack, and helped build the MVP. Simon is active in advising Tuq and working with existing clients to ensure strong relationships. Like a proud parent it is now time for Monolith to step aside and let it’s children, namely Tuq and MedStack, grow and flourish on their own merits; though, much as siblings do, the two will continue to help each other out whenever possible.

We look forward to this next phase in our journey and look forward to working with you!

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