A few of the excellent projects we've worked on


Hearing Test

Bespoke hearing test for iOS, Mac and Windows

We proudly worked with a Fortune 500 company (Fortune #22 - $100 Billion revenue) on a suite of innovative applications that are transforming the hearing aid sector. Working with audiologists and audio engineers, we developed a calibrated, self-directed hearing test for MacOS, Windows and iOS platforms. We also developed an application to program hearing aids in response to audiogram inputs. Work included implementation of fitting algorithms, calibrated audio signal delivery and intuitive UX and UI graphics.

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Test Oscillator

High-precision tool for audio professionals

Test oscillators are used for many applications in the world of professional audio. From fine-tuning the acoustics of a recording studio, to calibrating microphones and everything in between. Our oscillator app uses custom algorithms to deliver smooth sine waves and precise square wave frequencies, as well as a handy noise algorithm for testing and equalizing a room or auditorium. Our test oscillator also features 2 handy presets so you can easily tune an instrument to A 440Hz for example, then test a microphone at 1KHz.

Our Test Oscillator can be used for:

  • Tuning musical instruments
  • Calibrating equalizers and loudspeakers
  • Diagnosing and repairing audio equipment
  • Locating annoying rattles and buzzes in a recording studio or home listening environment
  • Fine-tuning speaker placement for PA systems
  • Testing and calibrating microphones
  • Experimental music
  • Annoying dogs and cats


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  • Nursing Home Task Manager Image 2

Nursing Home Task Manager

Resident administration app for nursing homes

Our client specializes in producing web applications used in long-term care facilities across North America. They realized that in order to take their business to the next level, they needed to employ mobile technology, so they came to us to develop an iOS app.

We first interviewed staff at a variety of nursing homes, and observed how they interacted with the current web app. With this user knowledge we crafted an excellent iPad and iPhone compatible app which dramatically increases efficiency and accuracy. The app is designed to allow nurses and personal care workers to easily and quickly manage day-to-day tasks and view status updates at any given time. Since the iOS app is synced with a server, all user data can be monitored in real time.

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iOS Chat Client

Jingu was already a hugely successful Blackberry chat app, and now they wanted to expand their success into the world of iOS. Though they are a local startup (in the KW area) the design and development of Jingu’s iOS cousin had began life overseas, but Jingu soon realized that they wanted to work with a more local company to improve efficiency and ultimately deliver a higher level of excellence.

We helped to overhaul the UX, improve the UI and optimize the code to fully take advantage of Apple’s hardware. We also created custom animations (using Core Animation) which add an element of play to the user experience.

Coming soon to the App Store.



Nixie Tube Calculator

MONO1 is a gorgeous, simple calculator app that fuses modern materials and design with the loveable nostalgic glow of nixie tubes. What is a nixie tube? Before LED and LCD displays became the standard, most electronic equipment requiring a numeric readout used nixie tubes. A nixie tube is a neon-filled glass vacuum tube containing individual filaments for each digit. When voltage is run through the cathode, the selected filament glows giving off a lovely deep orange colour.

Nixie tubes have enjoyed a rise in popularity in recent years, and it seems that almost anybody can appreciate their vintage look. MONO1 has been designed with the intention of marrying the endearing charm of nixie tubes with the modern, beautiful design language of an iOS device.

“Truly the most beautiful calculator app I’ve found yet!!! And it’s even Canadian! This app has truly made my day. Thanks! So cool; definitely my newest front page app!”

- App Store comment



Loop version 3

Ambient animated loops for iPhone and iPad

Escape from the pressures of modern life, even if just for a little while, to share in a peaceful little world of zen. Like dropping musical pebbles in a pond, the ripples move outward and chime with music when they collide, reflecting back on themselves in an ever-repeating pattern. Create ambient or melodic loops without any knowledge of music whatsoever and share them seamlessly on Twitter.

“Beautiful, simply beautiful - Subtle, musical, original, appealing, thoughtful, easy, inspirational. Oh yeah- and free. Thank you!”

– Jordan Rudess, Keyboardist, Dream Theater